About Gorinkai Group

We at Gorinkai Group are a joint effort of nursing and medical care, working to create various businesses in cooperation with local society and by strengthening partnerships between nursing care and medical care. We stand by the principle of “you live as you do, I live as I do.” All our work is for community development for everybody.

Gorinkai Group Overview

Companies Twin keels inc.
Medical Corporation Gorinkai
Nursing Care Facilities
  • Argo Ichibankan(Daily Care)
  • Argo Nibankan(Daily Care)
  • Argo Sanbankan(Daily Care)
  • Helper Caregiving Station Argo(Home nursing)
  • Helper Caregiving Station Argo(regular home visitation)
  • Home Nursing Care and Care Management Argo
  • Argo House (will be open in 2020)
Medical Care Facilities
  • Machida Home Visitation Clinic
  • Kuromegawa Clinic
  • Kuribayashi Clinic
  • Visitation and Nurse Caregiving Station Polaris

Service areas of Gorinkai Group

For those users/patients who do not speak Japanese

The Gorinkai Group welcomes foreign users and patients irrespective of nationality. However, we apologize in advance that our staff communicates in Japanese because of a lack of English capability. Thank you very much for your understanding.
Please visit the following website If you need any assistance.